Eustis Family

Chamberlain Eustis Descendants

Joseph Eustis Descendants

Charles Buckminster Eustis

Charlotte Duhme Eustis

Catherine Jane Eustis (Lucking Peck)

Claribel Eustis

Eustis Family – from Charles Lyman And Deborah Jane Barker Eustis (Descendants)

Clippings about Eustis Bros. Jewelry Store

Clippings about Eustis Brothers, Yachting, Music, and “Breezy Point” 1877-1892

Clippings – Eustis, Duhme, Reno and Ives Weddings

Clippings re Eustis family – Minneapolis 1902-1917 with Eustis-Lucking Wedding

Clippings – Lucking and Eustis 1918-1923

Lake Minnetonka Photos 1919-1921

Henry Whitmore Eustis (1877-1951) – Henry was the son of George Barker Eustis

Catherine Eustis Peck memoir – this was written  from interviews with Catherine by her friend Bert Thomas,

Pictures of Catherine Eustis 1897-1907

Pictures of Catherine Eustis 1907-1916


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4 thoughts on “EUSTIS Family

    • Amanda, Henry had no children at all; if you want more information about him or his family just ask. ( His grandparents lie in the Baptist Church in Beaufort, SC. BTW what is your interest? I know you’re not kin, at least nothing at all close.

  1. I ran across an article about the 1887 demolition of the Revolutionary War buildings called the “Old Rutland Barracks” built by Chamberlain Eustis. Email me for a copy.

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