Lewis Burnett’s Journal – 1848-1906

Lewis Burnett Journal Foreword

Lewis Burnett Journal – Table of Contents

Lewis Compton Burnett’s Journal

Burnett, Lewis Compton Journal A

Burnett, Lewis Compton Journal B

Burnett, Lewis Compton Journal C

Burnett, Lewis C Journal Genealogy – family origins

Burnett – family letters misc

Justus Burnet Descent

Descendants of Lewis Compton Burnett and Emma Caroline Berry

Burnett, Virgil Justus Descendant Report

McCulloch Family a

Overton Family

Koop Family

Overton Descendant Report

Lewis Burnett’s Trip Around the World

McCulloch Family


Pedigree Chart for Jerome Benjamin Burnett




Emma Caroline Berry Burnett 1853-1928

James Beard 1845-1926

Mary Beard Burnett 1841-1913

Mary Beard Burnett 1841-1913

Susan Beard Harvey 1847-1919

Robert Harvey Book 1909-1923

Richard J Beard 1860-1928

Susan Beardsley Whittaker 1866-1942

Thomas Mcculloch 1846-

Stephen Grover Burnett 1794-1861

Sarah Pruden Mulford 1840-1897

Rosamond B Meacham 1879-1977

Robert Austin Whittaker1891-1968

Richard Joseph Sieger 1922-2009

Mamie Burnett Martin 1875-1944

Mahlon Manson Denehie1862-1925

Lola Henrietta Burnett 1872-1892

Lois Burnett Buxton 1904-2004

Lewis Compton Burnett 1848-1906

Lewis Chester Burnett 1877-1903

Leslie Berry Burnett 1884-1955

Leonard Jerome Burnett 1892-1963

Joy Allen Martin 1902-1946

Joseph Andrew Whittaker 1867-1936J

John Lowell Melcher 1824-1900

Jerome Clark Burnett 1833-1891

Jerome Burton Burnett 1923-2005

Jerome Benjamin Burnett 1891-1953

James Virgil Burnett 1912-1976

James Virgil Burnett 1862-1951

Herbert B Mulford 1873-1970

Henrietta Beardsley Harlow 1874-1954

Helen Burnett Lucking Sieger 1918-2009

Harriet Compton Burnett 1807-1901

Helen Burnett Cokendolpher 1877-1953

Ceorge Austin Beardsley 1877-1943

Fanny Robinson Burnett 1872-1933

Evelyn Einspahr Burnett 1917-2002

Etta Sanders Burnett 1862-1936

Emma Caroline Berry Burnett 1853-1928

Elizabeth Owen Mulford 1872-1957

Elizabeth Lange Burnett 1837-1925

\Edwin Rossiter Mulford 1864-1923

Dudley Albert Burnett 1901-1970

Charles Burnett 1875-1906

Charles Albert Burnett 1861-1942

Catherine (Mrs Dudley) Burnett 1908-1972

Augustus dePayster Harlow 1872-1944

Allen Kennicott 1868-1892

Alfred Hardin Burnett 1920-2009

Alexander Compton 1874-1912

Alan Burnett 1908-1975



2 thoughts on “BURNETT Family

  1. By chance did you author the “Robert McCulloch Descendants” file? My mother found 6 pages with that title somewhere on this “ourfamilyhistoryblog.wordpress.com” site, but she doesn’t know where exactly she found the file and I can’t find an author or contact person in order to correct a couple of errors given for my McCulloch grandparents. If you’re the person please send me an e-mail. Thank you, Melanie

    • An e-mail bounced back. Here is my response
      Sure thing. Happy to correct errors in my “tree” though I can’t promise that it will be on the blog for a time. Which were your grandparents? Btw I have a rather nice photo of Tom & Addie if that is of interest.

      Helen Fredell helenfred@aol.com

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