James and Mary Sayles Paine

James and Mary Sayles Paine

James Paine was born on 14 Jun 1789 in Burrillville, Rhode Island, and died on 05 Oct 1861 in Burrillville. He married Mary Sayles in 1812 in Smithfield, Rhode Island, daughter of
Christopher Sayles and Martha Brown. She was born on 31 Mar 1793 in Smithfield and died on 10 Sep 1842 in Burrillville. Both James and Mary were buried in the Albee-Paine Cemetery    (Burrillville Cemetery #6) next to their home.

Mary Sayles Paine Headstone

James Paine and Mary Sayles had the following children: ( If you would like more detailed information and sources go to this link – .James Paine Long DescendantReport)

Brown Paine was born on 12 Dec 1812 and died on 28 May 1813 in Burrillville, Providence Co., Rhode Island and was buried i8n the Albee-Paine Cemetery. Celia Ann Paine was born on 18 May 1814 and died on 02 Aug 1833 in Burrillville; she was buried in the family cemetery. Mordecai Paine was born on 26 Jul 1816 in Smithfield and died on 10 Oct 1851 in Burrillville, and is buried in the family cemetery. Nathan Paine was born on 03 Nov 1818 in Smithfield.  He served in the military between 24 May 1864 and 29 Nov 1865 in Rhode Island.  He made at least one whaling voyage in the Arctic Ocean. We don’t know where or when he died.  Amy Brown Paine was born on 09 Jan 1821 in Rhode Island and died unmarried on 01 Oct 1857 in Burrillville and lies in the Albee-Paine Cemetery.  Amasa Paine was born on 18 Jun 1823 in Rhode Island, maintained the family farm,  and died, apparently unmarried, 09 May 1880 (or May 09, 1883) in Burrillville. He lies with his older brothers and sisters and parents on the family farm.

Sarah Paine was born on 08 Aug 1825 in Smithfield.  She taught school in Massachusetts, and married Charles Fenner Albee on 22 Apr 1847 in Thompson, Windham Co., Connecticut.  Charles was a son of  William and Charlotte Wood Albee who also are buried in the Albee-Paine Cemetery.  The family moved in about 1855 to Portland Prairie, Minnesota, Sarah living until 21 Aug 1909; she is buried next to the Portland Prairie Methodist Episcopal Church.

Harriet Eliza Paine was born 22 Jan 1827 and died on 06 Mar 1828; she is buried in the family cemetery.

Duty Sayles Paine was born on 01 Feb 1830 in Burrillville (actually Pascoag, a town in Burrillville township), and moved west with his sister Sarah Paine Albee, sister Mary Maria Paine Shumway, and brother James Munroe Paine.  He married twice, to sisters Sarah Maria Cook and Mary Gerry Cook. He died on 02 Apr 1925 in Forsyth, Rosebud Co., Montana. An interesting sideline – Sarah and Mary were of course born in Nova Scotia, but the Cooks were a Loyalist family, originally from Massachusetts but moving to Canada after the Revolution.

Mary Maria Paine was born on 28 Jul 1832 in Pascoag, and married Jeremiah Shumway ,son of Noah Shumway and Pamela Aldrich, on 24 July 1852 in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Mary Maria Paine

Mary Maria Paine Shumway










She died on 19 Aug 1898 in Lyons, Burt Co. and is buried in the Lyons Cemetery.

James Munroe Paine was born on 19 Jul 1834 in Smithfield, Providence Co., Rhode Island. He married first Ruth Elizabeth Ann Shumway, also a daughter of Noah and Pamela Aldrich Shumway; and second Nancy Jane Thorp.  He died on 06 Oct 1923 in Nobles Co., Minnesota..

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