1 thought on “SHUMWAY Family

  1. Hello! I just wanted to say thank you so much for this website and all the amazing work and research you’ve put into it. Edward Edmund Shumway is my 3rd great-grandfather and Mary Winterrowd Shumway is my 2nd great-grandmother. It’s been wonderful to learn more about a side of the side of the family I didn’t know much about until finding some photos in a family album a couple years ago and starting to research. So happening across your blog was like a gift!

    I actually just went to see the Shumway Family Letters at the Denver Public Library yesterday (3/27/22), which I believe you may have donated to them? For being over 100 years old, they were in spectacular shape! Such a neat opportunity to see them for myself and hold something my ancestors wrote, and to gain insight into the family dynamics and business.

    Thank you again, and all the best,

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