SHUMWAYS – Descendants of Jeremiah and Maria Paine Shumway

VIOLA PAINE SHUMWAY and William Cass; Descendants of Viola Paine Shumway

HERBERT PAINE SHUMWAY and Nellie Howard; Descendants of Herbert Paine Shumway

MARY EVELYN “EVA” SHUMWAY and Fremont EverettDescendants of Mary Evelyn Shumway Everett

EDGAR EDMUND SHUMWAY and (1) Nona Wyatt, (2) Emma Hubbel Coberley –  Edmund Shumway’s descendants

CHARLES OSCAR SHUMWAY and Ella Belle Hart – Charles & Ella Shumway’s descendants

LORIN GEORGE SHUMWAY and Mary Coates – Loren and Mary Shumway’s descendants.

MARTIN LEROY SHUMWAY and Jessie McMonies – Martin and Jessie Shumway’s descendants

Shumway-Everett Obituaries

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