Mary Paine Shumway letters

Mary’s letters and letters about her.

● newspaper clipping dated 6-28-91

A veritable floral wonder made its appearance at the homee of Mrs. J. Shumway last Friday evening. The grand, the wonderful night blooming cereus opened its petals to the delight of its owner, who like faithful Jacob of old had waited seven years for the realization of her hopes. But when viewing the magnificent bloom she remarked with commendable pride that she felt amply repaid for the seven years of waiting. No description from our pen could do it justice. We will not, therefore, attempt it. The many friends of Mrs. Shumway called during the day to gaze at the dream of beauty – justly called the Angel Flower – the queen of the floral kingdom at Lyons this season. But like many of the beauties of this world, its loveliness was of the ephemeral order, and with the close of the day it had faded and died.


●postcard dated Lyons Nebr 10/13/1891

Your Mother is not very well she says that if you could come down and stay over between trains. She would like to see you. She says she has not head any visit with you for a long time. Father
● postcard dated Lyons, Neb 10/27/1891 to Herbert Shumway from Jeremiah Shumway

You know more about tickets how is it the cheapest way to go to Collaforna. I want tickets good for six or eight months, I want to go over the U.P. here is the excursion from Sioux City we want to stop in Denver and I may com home from thair if your Mother wants to stay thair a few weeks. We want to go now as soon as your Mother is abel to go. Father


● letter dated 10/30/1891 to Herbert Shumway from Jeremiah Shumway

I did not git your Dispach till the cars head gon we are not very perticular about going on the U.P. but would like to go through Denver your Mother would not like to try Hammond she noes what Calaforna is she thinks if Hammond does not agree with hir it will be to late to do anythings. She is very poerley we expect to be abel to start in a weak or two.
Father Your Mother is not able to go a round about ways


● letter dated 11/21/1891 to Herbert Shumway from Jeremiah Shumway
Here we are you Mother’s cough is better but the wether is so changebel here that I do not think we will stay here long we have not desided yet when we will go. Pleas write me what you can sell me a car of oats on track at Wakefield for [Pleas] Answer at once and oblige. Edmund appears to be doing fairly well now he [??] about $20 a day his expenses about 8. Direct to me 1601 Wazee St Denver Father


● letter dated San Diego 12/10/1891  to Herbert Shumway from Jeremiah Shumway
Here we are and well your Mother is gitting better all the time. We will go back to Passadena this week. Think that I will start for home next Monday or Tuesday. We have got settled at Passadena and I do not see any nead of my staying all Winter even if I com back to go home with your Mother

● letter from South Pasadenia, Call. dated Jan 7 1892

My Dear Children Herbert and Nelly
I do feel so anxious to heare from you. Suppose I will have to write if I do. How are you feeling Nelly. Herbert how are you and the children. Theare is so much Diptheria and Lagrippe I see by the papers in Lyons. Theare was 7 corpse passed over one bridge in Los Angeles in one day. Theare has been several sick here but none dangerous. Well I suppose you would like to know how I am. While Pa was here I gained fast but I have been homesick. Everything was so different from what it was before, cold, windy and cloudy. Those I was aquainted with had all gone except Mrs. Keith. I knew better than to think Pa would stay all winter, thought perhaps he would stay through the cold weather, at least till after the holy days. I was wholy unprepaired for him going so soon. After he had been here about a week he said he thought he would go back but I could not believe it for I did want him to stay so much. He said he had to go on account of business and help Lorin. He said he would be back in 6 weeks or so but I dont think theare is any use he would be just as home sick as ever. I tell you Herbert the future looks dark. Pa and I will have to [separate ?] in winter. When I look at it I try not to. I do love my home and family. Am afraid I am not writeing a very cheereful letter. I suppose you will say I thought Mother had more will power than to feel so when she wanted to go so much. I thought so to and am ashamed of it, but I find I am nothing but weaken. When I tried in myself to over come my homesickness I made a perfect failure, but when I went to God in real earnest and felt it was my only hope and gave everything into his hands I felt he lifted me up and filled my heart with joy and peace, and the only thing I can do when I feel heart ache is just to flee to God and he lifts me up and gives me strength to over come. The Dear Lord so good blesses be [his] name. One thing was so good when Pa was here we had letters from home most every day so I heard from you all so often. Herbert cant you or Nell write. I know how heard it would be for you Herbert and prehaps Nelly is on the [?]. God be with you Nelly and help you he has promised to be with you but you must ask in earnist and he will receive you.
It is very nice weather here now, have my door open; ladies go by with parasols. Had some rain but it is not very green yet, not many roses in bloom yet. Will send some violetts.
Is your bulbs doing well? Tell Earl not [to] forget Grandma. Please write soon, youre loveing Mother


letter from South Pasadena, Call dated 1/24/1892 to HPS from his mother Mary Maria Shumway

Herbert my Dear Son
It is Sunday. It is so warm will have to get me a parasol. I use one but very little at home but will have to get one here. It was so hot coming home from church today. It is heard to realize you sitting by a coal fire and freezing when going out of doors. Heare I sit writing in an east room with out a fire with the door open. Have the door open most of the time. Have not had enough rain to make it very green yet. Yards that are wattered are getting over the freeze; not many blossoms yet but soon will be. But the climate I think just as much of it as ever I did. With all of my homesickness have gained grown stronger all of the time. Am takeing a nerve tonic have sleep good for the last three nights. Received a letter from Pa, he said he was ready to come out soon so I will be all right. About the time I wrote you I did feel anxious about myselfe I could not sleep and my head felt so bad. Dont blame Pa to much I dont think he realized how weak my nearves was or he never would [have] left me so soon. I cant understand it but I know he felt homesick. You know he can’t stay away from home. I should think he would feel more at home here with me than theare. Perhaps he will when he comes again.
But I have learned a lesson to lean more on the dear Lord. Herbert I feel humbled how week we mortals are I thought I had given everything into God’s hands but I feel I have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. When I was sick I felt I could leave everything in the hands of God wheather I lived or died it was all well. But to go away from all I loved and live 6 months or perhaps die- I had not thought of it, was not prepared for it. I felt it was not God’s will it should be so. My whole being rebelled against it. I tried to pray but I was to rebelious to do me much good. I could pray for strength and to be kept and I felt that he gave me everything seamed so strange. I did not understand myselve. I hardly knew what to pray for. I felt that way for over a weak. Sunday morning my eyes was so swolen I had cried so much in the night was almost afraid to go to church but thought nobody was acquainted with me. The ministers discourse was he compaired the children of [?] to a religious life. The first river was when we experience religion the next and entering the promised land was the second [?] of the holy spirit. I was interested it was so good. He said you find everything you nead in the promised land, wine, oill, silver, gold, brass and applyed to our religious lives some needed more brass was timid and fearful in times of trial and temptation they go with boldness and faith and earnestness and give everything into the hands of the savior but go days sorowful and cast down when the Savior has a balm for every woe only just for youre asking. Friends why will you do it, I thought why did I do it. I seamed to see myself in the promised land faint and almost ded. Jesus a little way of looking at me with compashion wanting me to come to him. I cant tell you how I felt. I dont remmember the rest of the sermon. My heart cried Lord forgive me. As soon as I was alone at home I fell on my knees, I thought I never would rise till I felt better. I beged his forgiveness and asked the dear Lord to take me back again. Soon my heart was filled with joy and peace. I arose, everything seamed diferent it rained. I was alone but it was the happiest afternoon I ever spent. I felt I was not alone. The dear Lord was with me. I could trust all in his hands. Since then I have been gaining; now I can sleep nights shall get along all right. Dont forget to write to me will write a little more in the morning.
[Jan] 25 am almost over come with joy had a letter from Mont, Eva and the children Roy and Viola and Lottie picture it does me so much good to get letters. Its Monts and Evas first letter to me. It dont seam possible it is so cold Viola wants to come instead of Pa. Am so glad Nelly is getting along so well. Tell Nelly she bids fair to have as many boys as me. Tell her if she dont get strong all she will have to is to come to Calafornia what does Earl say to his new brother. Tell him to send it to Grandma she will take care of it she has nothing else to do. Wish Earl was here. Remember [me] to Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Metcalf. Tell them am getting along well. Write often. May God care for us all till we meet again.

Youre loveing Mother MMS


● letter dated 2/01/1892  to Herbert Shumway from Jeremiah Shumway

I think now of going to Calaforna two weaks from to day if northing new happens. Hed a letter to day from Mother she is gitting along better. Thare is northing new here.

P S I think you miss it to build such a house now. Prehaps you will want to leve by the time you git it built then it will be ded property. This dont cost you a cent. Father


● Letter from Lyons, Burt Co, Neb dated 10/9/1893

to HPS from his mother Mary Maria Shumway

Herbert my Dear Boy
We received your letter Sat it done me good to think you thought of us in your antisapated pleasure but I dont feel it would do for me to go as I would enjoy it so much it would exite me so much I would go so much beyound what my strength bear me out in that I fear the result when the reaction come. Viola is so exited about going I shall enjoy it thinking I can help others to enjoy so greate an apertunity to see and learn so much. I believe realize it bully
Oh Herbert how shall I tell you my soul is so full of joy and love to my Dear Heavenly Father that he has heard my prayers and our prayers. Lorin is trying to leave off drinking again this time he is looking to Jesus for help. How weak we are of our selves but if we rely upon Christ our Savior we are safe. As long as Lorin looked to his Savior for strength how strong he was but as soon as he tried to stand by himselfe how soon he fell. This summer how many times he has tried but in his own strength but how weak againts such a raging thirst within and temptatine without but when he leans on the strong arm of the Almity he is able to save all yes all that will come unto him blessed be his name.
We have been so woried about Lorin when we have seen him try and fall us [?] said for fear he would give up trying. I had no hopes of his giving up in his own strength and I was more and more in earnest pleading with my Heavenly Father and we was all united in praying for him and I have talked all I though he was good a few weeks ago I felt so much I went over and talked with and told him I wanted to pray with him and give him into God’s hands but he refused to let me said “No Mother it would be hypocracy.” “Not on my part Lorin.” He said “I dont want you to.” I told him as long as I had reason I should pray for him my first sensation was disapointment then the thought flashed through my mind he will come to you to be prayed for. I got such a blessing my soul was so filled with hope and peace. How good the dear Lord is. Have had no more talk with him but have prayed so earnestly and wated for him to come to me. Last night he came in with such a look of anguish on his face. He says “Mother do you believe in prayer.” I said yes with my whole being. He threw him selfe on his knees “pray for me Mother.” I felt the holy spirit was with us when Pa and I prayed. When Lorin left he felt so much better. This morning theare was joy in Lorins face. He has a hard fight but so long as he clings to the almighty he is safe yes safe safe.
But my work is not done for God has promised me all of my children if I will live faithful God help me yes I have given my selfe all into his hands and he has accepted it and this is a fresh proof of his love. I hope I may be premitted to live to see all of my children praising the Lord But not my will but thine be done O Lord.

Am doing what I can to help Viola off. Wish I could do something for Nelly to help her. Prehaps I can sometime.
Love to all


● Tuesday morn- to HPS from MM Shumway (in a very shaky hand)

My dear boy I must write you a few lines.
Pa and May started for Denver yesterday we all felt he must go. He wanted to see you so much but thought he had better not wait to see you as Lorin was so anxious for May to come. We are all well but I think [of] what is coming next. The last news Lorin was getting along well. Edmund thinks Roy had better come home. I dont know why and Roy wants to come. That is enought till God strengthens me for more. O Herbert God is so good. Yesterday had a letter from all the boys. Had one from Lorin. He said let no one read it but Pa and Charley so you see theare was no good news. Yesterday I felt calm. I could trust them in the hand of my dear Lord he would do all that could be done for them. I slept good last night trusting all in the hands of Jesus. This morning I felt weak and wavering. These thought has God forsaken me is the dear Lord still with me and mine. I felt I must know. I always go to the bible for theare he talks to me. I said now Dear Lord in the name of my dear Jesus I ask you to give me an asurience that thou art with me and mine. I opened to the 6 Chapter of Judges 14 verse. Now please read before and after a few verses Herbert and see if I have not reasons to feel the holy spirit is with me and mine. I feel strong and full of peace now. Joy will come when the victory is won. It may not come in my life but it will come. God grant we all may be a united family praising God before I go to my eternal rest. I have felt anxious to know just how baby is. Please write a few lines


letter dated Nov 14 to HPS from MM Shumway
Herbert My Dear Boy
I have been wanting to write to you for a long time. We have concluded to have a reunion Thanksgiving, that is if Edmund can come home we will send his letter. Pa wants you all to come so much he wants to have ours and the children pictures taken together. Would like so much to have all but dont think Nona and children could be here. The children here is so much pleasured about it. I thought you and Nelly would be just as glad. Pa will send Edmund and Roy fifty dollars now and let them have more when they come. Now would you hate to get a pass for them? If you would feel under too much obligation to the railroad company dont do it. If you think it best let Edmund know it at once. Pa said he did not like to ask you for you had done so much. Dont know if Pa would like it if he knew I had written but I thought I would write and you would know what was best for it is something I dont know anything about.
The baby, dear little fellow, how is he? If Nelly cant bring him she could leave him for one night couldent she? Can it be posable we shall all meet together once more and under such favorable circumstances of all, Thanksgiving. This ought to be the most thankful when we take everything into consideration since last we all met. I suppose you have heard about Charlie and Lorin. I feel blessed be the name of God from whoom all help cometh. I feel theare feet have been taken from the mire and clay, and if they were placed on the rock Christ Jesus they would be safe no matter how the storm raged.
I have a good girl now and the girls will help Thanksgiving. I dont feel neare as strong since the weather has changed have had several pull backs am feeling as well as usual to day. Dont know wheather I can stay here this winter or not, but this I do now, that I have given evrything into the hands of God. All I have to do is to do the best and all I can today, now is ours. Tomorrow we know not. I believe I am wholy given up to his will and I feel that he gives me strength and help [??] precious help only these that have given all into the hands of theare dear Lord can know. Perhaps you will feel this is more than you can have patience to read. If you do forgive me for my heart is so full it will buble out. Write what you and Nell think of our arangements. I remain your loving Mother

note on back: “Come down Thanksgiven if you can. Father” ●


undated letter to HPS from M.M. Shumway

My Dear Boy
The Lord God raineth he is all powerfull. I bless him for salvation all that is with me praise his holy name. His power is not limited. The day of mericle is not past. The great God still hears and answers prayers of poor weak mortals. My cup of joy runneth over with joy for what my eyes have seen and my ears have heard. I know you will thank the Dear Lord with us. O Herbert Lorin was so happy, his face fairly shone. Last night he stood up and said he was going to live for Jesus and stept up on the platform and gave his to the church and the church was crowded. He and Charlie was instruments in bringing 9 others to the mourners bench. Jim Heart was one of them. He stood up and testefied that Christ had saved him and gave his name to the Church before the meeting was over. 9 or 10 other new ones testefied that Christ had saved them. O you ought to see Eva am so sorry Mont is away. He could not help but get on higher grounds than he ever did before. I never was in such meetings as there. Herbert I want you and Nelly to come down as quick as you can. O if I had all of my children here to rejoice and get theare souls washed white in the blood of the lamb. For the Savior is passing this way. Behold the wonder full works of God it is wonderfull. You and Nelly must come. In the name of God I entreat you to come. It would pay you to come to see youre Father if no more. Eva says Heaven cant be much better than this. We all think it is Heaven below. Come come come. Glory Hallelujah
` Mother
write and let me know unless you come on the morow train. Come and see the wonderfull power of God. Come.

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