Some of the Everetts

The book Some of the Everetts  was written and published by Fremont Everett between 1914 and 1916.  It is presented in several sections (Fremont’s divisions.)

In many ways Fremont Everett was something of a failure, but I was charmed by his good cheer, his openness to new experience, and his positive outlook.  True to the customs of his day he didn’t mention scandals – for example in his discussion of Benaiah Everett’s children he just observes that Eleanor “Nellie” died “some years ago” – when she was actually murdered by her estranged husband, who then killed himself.   Fremont seems to have been most reluctant to say anything negative about anyone – probably just as well, since he was bitterly criticized for suggesting that his cherished cousin Frank Marion Everett was not the brightest penny in the roll.

Oh, yes, it seems that Fremont was something of a womanizer! Fremont’s ‘Other Life’

Included with the sections of “Some of the Everetts” is a descendancy chart with more information –  a lot more information –  about this family.

Some of the Everetts Part I  – Everett ancestry and down to Fremont’s grandfather’s family.

Some of the Everetts Part II – in which Fremont talks about the move to Nebraska and pioneering days.

Some of the Everetts Part III – Fremont talks about his brothers and sisters and their children, and the Pan-American Railroad (aka the Mexican Railroad)

Some of the Everetts Appendix – a Life of Jeremiah Shumway and his wife Mary Maria Paine

Please note – again – that I try not to include living people in descendancy charts.  Yes, there are a few but if you want more information (for example about people who aren’t of retirement age) you might want to ask.

Descent from Josiah and Rebecca Farrington Everett

Descent from Franklin and Clara Spencer Everett

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