Portland Prairie 1909

In 1909 there was a grand occasion for celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Rufus Shumway and Hannah Metcalf Shumway.  People came from far away, and there were wonderful photos taken, especially the professional photos taken by a photographer in Caledonia – he is supposed to have been very good.  I came to have them because of a wonderful little collection in a book inscribed “to Herbert & Nellie from Edmund and Ralph.”    There are 21 photos that are of Portland Prairie – houses, familiar landscapes, and people.  All are 5.25 in by 3.2 5 in and seem to have been contact prints from glass plate negatives. A few more were taken in Lyons – not sure when but about the same time.

Rufus & Hannah Shumway 50th Anniversary

A wonderful picnic – all the relatives …

A picnic place

Albee home on Portland Prairie – the old days’ typical house – Viola Cass, Jeremiah, Martin, Edmund & Herbert Shumway