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Hello to everyone who visits this blog – let me tell you why I am presenting it.  All who know me know that I really love genealogy (in my case more properly Family History), and that my interest began when I was thirteen.  But because of my interest and my persistence I have visited or corresponded with many relatives and researchers, often not closely related – and have been blessed by knowing them.    Over the years I have borrowed or been given lots and lots of fascinating matter; photos, books, letters, clippings, interviews and so on.  I have built on the information of course, the original purpose, but some of the relatives I have encountered (many of them long gone) were so interesting that I explored them further; I have come to have great affection for many of them.

But one of the obligations I find myself under is to make what I have found available to others; not so much births and deaths, marriages and separations; but the faces and words of people long gone. So you should think of that when you are reading – if you enjoy it maybe you should copy it!

I began with the Shumway family; that is, the ancestors and collaterals of my grandmother Ruth Elizabeth Shumway.  Through the inaction or caution of Ruth’s brother Howard (called Deacon or Deac) three boxes of letters, invoices, bills etc of his family survived, and I have transcribed most of them.  Wonderful photos have also survived; all these materials have led me to other, collateral, families – the Everetts and the Merewethers, the Howards, the Albees and the Paines; and to places they lived –  Portland Prairie and Lena, Lyons and Burrillville – and to other dear people who just shared my enthusiasm.

I am not done – some families are not yet covered, others are poorly covered.

This is not an attempt to sell anything, there are no obligations, no fees, no ‘gotchas.’ This is a public blog; it’s not too hard for people doing an internet search to find it. Therefore though there are Descendancy charts,  please note that except for a few elderly people the living are not included.  If you would like charts including LIVING people please contact me directly.



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3 thoughts on “About My Genealogy Blog

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  2. Hi, I started the process of filling in gaps in our family history and was thrilled to see this information on the Martin Howard family branch. I am the great-granddaughter of Charles Freeman Howard and Wilhelmina Helvig (Minnie). Their children were May Elizabeth, Mabel Irene, Walter Freeman, and Carl Martin. My grandmother was Irene who married Elmer Emmanuel Henry. We didn’t have much information prior to Charles Freeman’s generation except names and a few dates. They had six children including my mother Ruth who married Charles Siegfried Sporleder in Colorado. I would enjoy talking about our branch. My phone number is 719-239-0996. Karin Sporleder Niedfeldt

  3. Hello! Stumbled upon your site and have enjoyed reading it! However, I see a couple of errors in my family line here, and if you’d like, I can offer the corrections. Not meaning in anyway to be annoying– you’ve obviously done a lot of good work! But if you would like the information I have, let me know. It’s on the Clara Ethel Everett branch.

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