AAA Index

1884 Map of Burt Co. & Lyons, NE
1884 Plats of Burt County, Nebraska
1884 Plats A of Burt County, NebraskAll Pagesa showing land ownership in Everett Precinct

Map of Argyll, Scotland Showing Pans, Campbeltown and Peninver

Map of Ojai 1928

Maps of Oxford & Pascoag, Map of Boxford, MA

Map of Chiapas, Mexico

1885 Oxford Co., Maine

1909 visit to Portland Prairie

Berry Family – a genealogy

Burnett Family

Lewis Burnett Journal – includes a table of contents

Burnett Lewis Burnett Journal Foreword

Burnett, Lewis C Journal Genealogy – family origins

Burnett, Lewis Compton Journal A

Burnett, Lewis Compton Journal B

Burnett, Lewis Compton Journal C

Burnett, Lewis  Trip Around the World

Burnett, Virgil Justus Descendants

Burnett, Justus Burnet Descent

Burnett – family letters misc

Burnett, Helen Burnett Lucking Sieger’s Diaries and Letters

Burnett, Helen Diary 1932

Burnett, Helen Diary 1933

Burnett, Helen Diary 1934

Burnett, Helen Diary 1935

Burnett, Helen Diary 1936

Burnett, Helen Diary 1937

Burnett, Helen Diary 1938

Burnett, Helen Diary 1939

Burnett, Helen Diary 1941

Burnett, Helen (Lucking) Diary 1943

Burnett, Helen (Lucking) Diary 1944

Helen Sieger’s Letter re Ruthie’s Wedding – 1975

Helen Sieger’s Letter to Nina – 1980

Cass, Viola Shumway biography

Cass, Viola Shumway clippings


Chunn, Thomas R Chunn Descendants

Clippings about Eustis Bros. Jewelry Store

Clippings about Eustis Brothers, Yachting, Music, and “Breezy Point” 1877-1892

Clippings – Eustis, Duhme, Reno and Ives Weddings

Clippings re Eustis family – Minneapolis 1902-1917 with Eustis-Lucking Wedding

Clippings – Lucking and Eustis 1918-1923


Duhme Family

EDDY and IRELAND Families – Just a brief introduction

EDDY and IRELAND Families – a longer narrative

Eustis Family

Eustis, Henry  (1877-1951)

Eustis Family – from Charles Lyman And Deborah Jane Barker Eustis (Descendants)

Eustis, Catherine Pictures of Catherine Eustis 1897-1907

Eustis, Catherine Pictures of Catherine Eustis 1907-1916

Eustis, Chamberlain Descendants

Eustis, Joseph Descendants

Everett Family 

Everett Family letters

Everett-Shumway connection by Dean Lobaugh

Everett, Fremont and Mary Evelyn Shumway

Galbreath Family

GAR Excursion to Colorado and California 1886

Genealogy of the Shumway family in the United States of America.”

Grand Army of the Republic

Howard Family

Howard, Martin Freeman’s Family

Howard, Martin Sr Family

Howard, More about the Martin Freeman Howard family

Howard, Helen (Nellie) Howard

Howard, Parker Family

Ireland Genealogy – originally appeared in the newsletter of the Logan Co. Chapter of Ohio Genealogical Society

Koop Family – a genealogy


Lake Minnetonka Photos 1919-1921

Letters from the Civil War


Lucking, WAL Jr Interviews – Alfred Lucking and Henry Ford 

Lucking, WAL Jr and Being Self-Sufficient

Lucking, WAL Jr Interviews – Billy the Golf Caddy

Lucking, WAL – Charlie Lucking’s Suicide – private

Lucking, WAL Jr Interviews – Fishing in Ojai, Camping with Bob Pierpont

Lucking, WAL Jr Interviews – Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Lucking, Bill and Helen – After Pearl Harbor 1941-1943

Lucking, Helen and Bill Get Married

Lucking, Helen Lucking’s Letter – 1941

Lucking, Helen Diary 1943

Lucking, Helen Diary 1944

Lucking, Helen Lucking’s letters – 1946

Lucking, Bill and Helen and Dancing

Lucking, Bill  and the Pritchett (DD-561)a

Lyons, Burt Co., Nebraska.

McCulloch Family – a genealogy

Mexican Railroad

Old Times on Portland Prairie – link to purchase book

Other Irelands – stuff I found that may be useful to someone …

Overton Family – a genealogy

Photos and Maps for the “Mexican Railway”

Portland Prairie

Portland Prairie 1909

Portland Prairie, Houston Co., Minnesota

Portland Prairie Methodist Episcopal Church

Portland Prairie – the Early Days

Portland Prairie – the Rhode Island Migration

Primitive Baptist

Providence Church – “Howardsville, Stephenson Co., Illinois

Rose Family

Rose, Descendants of Oliver T Rose

Shumway Family

Shumway-Everett Obituaries

Shumway Family in Massachusetts

Shumway Introduction

Shumway, Jeremiah and Mary Maria Paine Shumway

Shumway, Jeremiah Letters 1890-1907 with Herbert Shumway

Shumway, Edmund  and his Family

Shumway, Edmund  letters 1890-1907

Shumway, Herbert and Nellie Shumway

Shumway, Herbert Shumway’s   GAR Excursion

Shumway, Herbert Shumway papers

Viola Shumway Cass

Shumway, Viola Paine clippings

“Some of the Everetts”



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