Lucking Family in England

There are lots of Luckings in the United States, but most of them trace their ancestry to the Netherlands or to Germany. However, our family traces to Essex, England, in the vicinity of Chelmsford or somewhat north of that. There seem to be few Luckings or Luckins (more about that later) except in this area.

There were almost no vital records kept in England until the 1570’s, when parish priests were given the task of recording baptisms, marriages and burials.  This work was at first haphazard and over the centuries increasingly structured as to form and  location. The following examples are from parish registers  of Good Easter, the earliest location of the Luckins.    trans Luckin marr 1596John Luckin and Joan widdow were married the 22 day of September 1596.

John Luckin was married to Mary Cooper the 20 day of September 1584

trans Luckin marr 1584





The family (our Luckings) in the mid-19th century

Descendants of Wilson and Mary Lucking




2 thoughts on “Lucking Family in England

  1. Helen,
    Just read your item on “Lucking s in England”.
    I am grandson of Francis Joseph Lucking borne in Dunmow 1884.
    He married my grandmother Amy Evans not Lily as you state in listing.
    I found your article extremely interesting, particularly since my father Frederick Lucking passed away late last year at 91.
    If you need any info from me please feel free to contact me.
    Keith Lucking

    • Thank you for the correction. I don’t know where that came from (I really try to cite my sources). I think we must be 4th cousins – no, 3rd cousins once removed. As you probably observed, our common ancestors were Wilson and Mary Lucking. May I get back to you at a later date for questions? I just peeked at that part of my tree and (gasp) found it in a certain degree of disarray, with some source links broken or never entered. I think that I last worked on my English Luckings three or four years ago and got wholly engrossed in Essex’s parish registers on SEAX. And then I expect that I was interrupted midstream, as always seems to happen. Sigh.

      BTW I have photos of my gg grandfather Joseph, one of his brother William; also a group photo of Thomas and his family, which you probably have. If you are interested let me know.


      Helen (Lucking) Fredell

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