My Family History Blog – HOME!!

About the blog – a mission statement and an invitation. I started working on this blog with no prior experience, so I made lots of mistakes, which of course makes it hard for you, the reader.

  • Though I am trying to remedy this, most pages do not have links back to the index.  WordPress pages might have some reference to the index at the end of the “page.”  Other pages are PDF pages and are not likely to have that type of link.
  • There are few references to the author (me) on pages.  Some people will have difficulty with the site because of that.  My apologies.
  • If you find a page or series of pages useful or interesting, copy or print it/them.
  • If you find an error or if you have questions, get in touch with me.  Please.
  • I will try to update promptly, but can’t always.
  • Now, check out the INDEX (below) or TREES (ditto).
  • When you’re looking at trees you may be searching for more descendants (e.g. the descendants of the children of somebody mentioned in a tree) OR you are seeking more information about a named person OR sources PLEASE ASK.  A descendancy may run to 50 pages without residences, notes, sources; can double or triple that length.



2 thoughts on “My Family History Blog – HOME!!

    • Is this Eileen? I am ashamed to admit that this comment is two years old, but I will answer now. Aren’t you glad?

      I just started, no preparation or research or study about how to do it. Which means that I made a lot of mistakes that are with me still. I should have started with a much less ambitious project, I would have my name or url or email address on every page. I would look at a bunch of blogs and see what works for others.

      I need to finish the first round of families – almost done but my father’s family (very involved) is taking a lot of time.

      Bye for now.

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